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Using Box in Your Classes: Videos & Large Files

Uploading Video/Large Files

You have two different options when it comes to providing access to videos or other large files for your class.

1. Save the video/large file directly to your class's folder.

2. Provide access to the video/large file via a "Shared Link".


Here are some things to keep in mind before you upload your video/large file:

1. The maximum upload size for a single item in Earlham Box is 15GB. If your video is more than 15GB, you need to reduce the file size before uploading it.

2. You will upload your video or large file the same way you would any file in Box. However, the Box web interface is finicky when it comes to uploading large files. I recommend using Box Drive to upload large files.

3. Earlham employees and students have a 20GB quota limit. You will use that quota limit pretty quickly if you save all of your videos/large files in your personal account. If your department has a "Groups" folder in Box, save the video there instead. Groups folders have unlimited storage. If your department does not have a Groups folder, contact ITS.


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