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Using Box in Your Classes: Moodle

Moodle vs. Box

Moodle is a course management tool. Box is a cloud storage and collaboration service. Some tasks are better with Moodle; other tasks are better in Box. For some it doesn't matter.

Use Moodle for:

1. Communicating with students

2. Sharing files, especially small ones

3. Class Discussions

4. Meeting in real time with students

5. Posting assignments, tests, or quizzes

Find information on using Moodle in your courses here.

Use Box for:

1. Sharing files, especially large ones likes lectures or videos

2. Collaborative projects

Please note: Avoid using Box for things like homework and exam submissions. If you aren't careful with how you share your folders, you could easily find yourself in violation of FERPA. Pay careful attention to the tab on "Sharing Files," which explains Box's "Waterfall Permissions."

Adding a File from Box in Moodle

If you have something saved in Box that you would like to share with someone in Moodle, you have two options.

Option 1: Provide a link to the item in Box. You will need to make sure your "Share" settings in Box allow the person to open and view the file. See "Sharing Files" for information on how to set this up.

Option 2: Upload the file to Moodle from Box. See below on how this would work.

Either option is fine. The Moodle team can help you determine which option is best for you. However, Option 1 is probably better if the file is one that you edit on a regular basis. If you share a link to the file rather than the actual file, you will only ever have to edit the file in the Box location.


Uploading a Box file into Moodle:

1. Click on "Add an activity or resource."


2. Select "File" and click "Add".


3. Name your file and click on the file upload button.


4. Select @ Earlham


5. Log in to your Earlham Box account using your Earlham username and password.


6. Select your file.


7. Click on "Select this File." Provide information for "Save as" and "Choose license" if appropriate.


8. Hit save. The file has now been uploaded to your course.




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