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This guide is designed to assist with Moodle 3.11 questions.


To access the Brickfield Education Labs Accessibility Toolkit, do the following: 

Note that the Brickfield Education Labs Accessibility Toolkit is an easy way for faculty to evaluate their course for common accessibility issues. This is important, as ensuring your courses are accessible not only ensures that all students have an equal opportunity to participate in your course, but that Earlham College is following both the Rehabilitation Act and the Americans with Disabilities Act. To learn more about accessibility services at Earlham, click here. After doing this, do the following:

  1. Read the guide below to walk through the process of setting up the tool and reading the report.


Setting Up

To set up your course, do the following: 

Note that you will first need to create your course. This includes all course materials, links, etc. The toolkit is designed to scan finished course sites, so only run the evaluation tool once you’re done with everything else. This is a good time to add the accessibility block to your course. To add the accessibility course, do the following: 

1. Click on the turn editing on  button in the upper right to enable editing.

2. On the bottom of the left side panel, click on add block button and choose accessibility review from the list. NOTE: This block will not be visible to students.

Add a block button on bottom left of screen


3. Schedule your course for evaluation. Your report may take up to an hour to run, depending on the size of the course. Once you have initiated the process, toolkit uses an automated process to review your course content and compare it to accessibility standards.

To schedule your course for evaluation:

  1.  Click on the submit for analysis button in the accessibility review block.
  2.  When complete you will see the report summary in the accessibility review block.
  3. You will be notified that your course has not yet been scheduled for evaluation, and receive a detailed explanation of what that evaluation entails. Click submit for analysis.

Submit for accessibility analysis

4. You will then be returned to the main page, where you will see a banner announcement that the course is scheduled for evaluation, as well as an estimated time of completion for the evaluation.

Estimated completion for accessibility analysis


Interpreting the Results

To interpret the results, do the following:

Note that you can access results via the accessibility heatmap and the review. After understanding this, read below to learn more: 

The Accessibility Heatmap
  1. This color-coded heat map of your course will show the parts of your course which need attention. Green with a check mark indicates that section has passed and that  you do not need to make any changes. Sections which have failed are indicated by yellow or red along with the number of errors.
  2.  You will need to click the eyeball in the accessibility block to turn on the heatmap. 

An arrow pointing to the eyeball you need to check to access the heatmap


Accessibility heatmap



The Accessibility Report
  1. Clicking the middle icon (looks like a graph) will bring up the accessibility report (as seen in image found below). 
  2. Click the edit button to go to that section of your course and make the changes. Once you have made the changes, that item will no longer be on the report.

Accessibility Report showing text and issues to resolve

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