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Moodle Help

This guide is designed to assist Earlham faculty with Moodle questions.

Access Course

You should be able to access your course via Moodle. For faculty not listed as the instructor of record (in other words, not listed in Banner Self-Service as the instructor), check with the Registrar to have yourself added. Moodle pulls all of its instructor information from Banner Self-Service. Also, view the Permissions and Groups page for how to add a TA or co-instructor. 

Note: In order to comply with copyright law, student access to Moodle course sites will end a few weeks after the completed semester's grades are due. Students are welcome to download copies of any materials they would like to keep before that date.  Faculty should contact  for assistance if they have a student who has an extension and requires temporary access to complete coursework.

Rename Course

You might want to change and/or update your course name in Moodle, and here are the steps to help you.

  1. Under the Administration section of your course, click Edit settings
  2. Change Course Full Name to your new course name.
  3. Click Save and display.

Format Course (also, Week versus Topic)

You can change how your course appears in Moodle using the steps below. One subject highlighted in this section is whether you want your class set up by Week or by Topic. 

  1. Under the Course Administration section of your course, click Edit settings
  2. On this Edit course settings page, you can change a great deal of information. Some commonly edited sections:
    General: Course full name, Visibility, Course start date, etc.
    Description: Course summary
    Course format: Format (Weekly vs. Topics)
    Appearance: Force Theme (to change Theme)

Other topics:  Groups; Role renaming 

Choose the topic from above and make appropriate changes. Click Save and display

Upload Syllabus (and Adding your Syllabus to the Earlham Repository)

It is important to add your course syllabus to Moodle so that students have easy access to this document. Also, make sure you add your syllabus to the Earlham Syllabus Repository. Find directions for both of these two steps below.

  1. Under the Administration section of your course, click Turn editing on.
  2. Locate in your course where you want to add your syllabus.
  3. At the bottom of the block, click Add a resource and choose File from the drop-down menu.
  4. On the Adding a new file page, add a Name, such as Syllabus. 
  5. Scroll down and in the Content area, click the add button (piece of paper with a plus sign) to select and upload your syllabus. (If you would prefer, you can drag and drop your file in the Content area. Either way will work.)
  6. Click Save and display.

In addition to adding a syllabus to your course, please add your course syllabus to the Earlham Syllabus repository.

Backup Content

Use this function to save and back up your course content for future use.

  1. Under the Administration section of your course, click Backup
  2. You will see the Initial settings, and you can make changes. Click Next
  3. Next, in Schema settings, choose the items you want to backup. (You can click Show type options in the first block for more details.) Click Next
  4. In Confirmation review, you can make sure you have everything setup the way that you want. If something is incorrect, click Previous. If everything is correct, click Perform backup. 
  5. Click Continue.
  6. You will see the backup area on the next page.  

Create Metacourse

A metacourse is useful when you want to link the students of more than one section of the same course you are teaching so that you can share the same thing with all of the selected students. 

  1. To create a metacourse, this requires an administration person.
  2. Click here for some examples of metacourses. 
  3. If you are interested in this option, please contact us using More Help on this guide. 

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