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Library Tutorials: Find Forward Citations

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What are "Forward Citations"?

Usually, you look at the references that an author included when they wrote a particular piece. This is "backward citation searching" because you will only find references that were written and published BEFORE the piece you're reading.

"Forward citation searching" allows you to see which things written AFTER the piece you're reading include your piece among their references.


Forward Citations for BOOKS

If your classic work is a book or a chapter of a book, you might be better off using

Google Scholar

  • Type in the last name of your author and the title of the classic work you're using
  • Look for the link to your classic work
  • Beneath the link, it will often (but not always) say "Cited by __"
  • Your new search should say the name of your classic work at the top of the list of results.
  • If you have many results and you searched for the title of the book, you can try searching within your results for the chapter title.

Most likely, chapters of books will not appear as separate entries, so you'll have to sort out whether the Citing Work is really referring to your chapter or to some other part of the book.

Google scholar will often give you a link if Earlham has full-text access to the thing you're interested in. If not, you can try searching the catalog for books or entering the name of the journal into the "Find it @ Earlham Libraries" form to see if we have it and what database it is a part of.

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