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Posters and Signs: Poster Printing on Campus

Directions for Students on Printing

Academic posters are printed out on the large scale plotter in the Science & Technology Commons.* 

Where:  Science & Technology Commons

Who:     Katie Breslin (ext. 2113)

When:   Weekdays, during regular library hours 8:30 am to 3:00 pm

  • Make poster requests 48 hours in advance, to allow time to resolve any unforeseen problems.
  • Poster may be submitted in person or via email.
  • Before submitting your poster we strongly recommend that you run a Print test version of your poster on regular 8.5 x 11 inch paper.
  • Once received via email we will assume that this is the final version of your poster and print it.
  • Posters received after 3:00 pm will be printed the next day
  • It takes a minimum of 30 minutes to preview and print a poster.

Cost:    $6.00 per linear foot 

  • The poster paper is 42 inches wide. Common size choices are:
    • 36 in x 42 in  ($18) 
    • 42 in x 42 in ($21)
    • 42 in x 56 in  ($30)
  • Students must pay in cash;  no student billing permitted
  • Notify at the time of printing If arrangements have been made for a college department to pay for the poster. Please provide a contact within the department who can provide an account number for billing purposes
  • The cost for group posters will be divided among group members
  • Exact charges are determined after the print out has been completed, and will be emailed to the payee at the time of billing.


  • Submit your PDF file to Katie Breslin, Library Operations Assistant at the Science & Technology Commons or e-mail the file to

*​Administrative posters are printed at Print Services in the basement of Lilly Library by Rachel Kelly. 

Note for Faculty on Posters as Course Assignments

Please alert the Library Operations Assistant when you assign a poster project to your class. Include the following information:

  • the due date for the posters and the predicted time frame during which the posters will be printed
  • approximate number of posters
  • details regarding payment (account # or contact information for department secretary if they are to be billed to the department -- OR -- specify if students are to pay for their own posters)

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