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Earlham Libraries Policies: Materials Display

Earlham Libraries Materials Display Policy

Any student, faculty or staff member may request that materials be arranged in a public display in the Earlham Libraries. They may do so as an individual or on behalf of a group.

Display requests may come to individual librarians who are considering sponsoring the display or to the Library Director. Requests must be received in writing two weeks before the display is to be set up.

A complete request must include the following details:

  • Name of the requesting person/group
  • Contact information for the person/group
  • Dates that the display would be set up and taken down
  • Complete list of titles to be included
  • Any signs or information to be posted with the display materials. 

Materials to be included in displays must already be part of the collection. The library will not purchase materials for public displays.

Once a display request has been approved, the requestor must locate and gather all the books they would like to have included. Setting up the display should happen in coordination with the sponsoring librarian.

We appreciate your interest, but please note that a display request is not a guarantee that the display will be created.

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