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Earlham Libraries Policies: Computer Use

Earlham Libraries Computer Use Policy

The computers in the Libraries exist primarily for the teaching and use of information resources by the students, faculty, and staff of Earlham College, Earlham School of Religion, and Bethany Theological Seminary. Therefore, the following priorities are set for the use of these computers. Lower-priority uses will be asked to yield to higher-priority uses when necessary.

Priorities for Libraries Computer Use ("Earlham" includes ESR and Bethany):

  1. Scheduled library instruction
  2. Scheduled Earlham course-related activity
  3. Scheduled Earlham-related activity
  4. Earlham course-related research
  5. Earlham patron web use
  6. Other patrons' research
  7. Other patrons' web use

To schedule the a Libraries' computer lab for group use, see a librarian.

Viewing and printing sexually or violently explicit material may create a hostile environment for other users in the Libraries. In keeping with the spirit of Earlham Principles and Practices, we expect computer users to be sensitive to this matter. If this interferes with Earlham course-related research, please consult with a librarian.

A public computer is available for other patrons' research (e.g. government documents) and other use.

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