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Earlham Libraries Policies: Periodicals Browsing Collection

Periodicals in print and online formats

Periodicals in Print or Electronic Format

Our preference is to subscribe to periodicals in an online format. We will acquire titles in print if:

  • They are unavailable online
  • The price for a print/online combo is the same as online only
  • There is not a free partial substitute is available online except in special cases (e.g., Rolling Stone)
  • Faculty member(s) specifically requests that the journal be available in print
  • Access is hindered by being online-only—for example, if specific passwords are required, is only on one or two terminals, there are printing difficulties, or a prohibitive cost
  • The periodical’s design is integral to the overall magazine’s use and meaning.
  • Or, the journals and magazines make an important contribution to our print browsing collection.

Earlham Libraries Periodicals Browsing Collection Policy

The Earlham Libraries maintain a collection of print periodicals on display because we believe that browsing periodicals benefits the College by:

  • Helping to produce well-rounded liberal arts students who have a deep curiosity about a variety of topics
  • Helping students answer the question, “Who am I?”, by both introducing them to different viewpoints in a variety of publications as well as providing materials that mirror their own communities so as to assist them in articulating their own sense of identity and belonging
  • Providing a simultaneous presentation of a diverse range of ideas
  • Offering a thoughtful break from intense academic work

Browsing Periodicals Collection Criteria

In a print browsing collection, the Libraries aim to include periodicals that:

  • Are written for a general audience and meet standards of originality and quality of writing and thought
  • Present a diversity of viewpoints
  • Respond to student, faculty, and staff demand
  • Draw people into the Libraries, or
  • Have an overall artistic design/layout that benefits from being read in print—for example: short features and sidebar articles that get lost in online browsing, or has a print format that is integral to the magazine's overall design (e.g., glossy paper, two-page visual spreads, or it is a nonstandard size)

Popular, high interest magazines may be collected if they:

  • Reflect journalistic quality
  • Can be used in a course or have educational purpose
  • Contribute to diversity of viewpoint, or
  • Have been specifically requested by students, faculty, or at the discretion of librarians

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