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Drones and UAVs

What you need to do for training

Know the Rules for Education Use: (MORE DETAILS IN "Laws, Rules & Regulation" Menu to your left.

A news article (link)

Information about how to fly safely and responsibly:

Information about flight requirements and restrictions:

Tutorial Videos on how to Fly our DRONE

[1] Tutorial Videos
Unboxing , 1st set-up, 1st flight:

Videos to watch:
Video 1: Linking remote controller:
Video 2: Best camera setting for DJI Pro Plus:
Video 3: DJI Simulator
Video 4: How to customize your controller:

[2] Introduction to UAV photogrammetry and Lidar

[3] Downloading video and photos to computer


[4] Intelligent Flight mode DJI

[5] Phantom 4 Autonomous Flight Modes

Calibrate Compass:

Orientation and basic maneuvers:

[6] DJI Intelligent Flight Modes On Phantom 4 Pro



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