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Drones and UAVs

Using the EC-STC SciDiv Educational Research Drone#1

Below four common ways you could implement Drone Technology in your classroom, Ford Knight, or research group:
(1) In-class Drone Session Led by Science & Technology Librarian. (See steps below).
(2) Session led by you. You can fly a drone under Jose's remote Pilot License or if you have your own license reach out to Jose via email ( to this set up. (See steps below for more information)
(3) Your own license. You can get your remote pilot license, talk to Jose-Ignacio for details and how to do this effectively.
(4) Your Colleagues. Get in touch with colleagues that are currently working with Drones and ask them about their experiences.


To operate/explore and use the STC's Educational Research Drone (ERD1) we recommend you complete the following steps.

  • STEP 1 Contact: Contact Jose I. Pareja via email (, to set-up an appointment. Please explain briefly how would you like/dream to use the ERD1 drone in your course, research or program, and for how long would you like to borrow the drone. Typically we have 24, 48 or 72h loans if you have a current remote pilot license. For more extended time talk with Jose.
  • STEP 2 Tutorials: After your meeting with Jose you might need to view some video tutorials, and read some text to get familiar with some basic rules and regulations of flying Drones.
  • STEP 3 Training*: Book a training session with Jose-Ignacio during your one-on-one meeting if you would like to learn how to fly one.
  • STEP 4 Authorization*:  Once STEP 1-3 have been successfully cleared you will need to be registered in the list of users that can use our STC UAV system.
  • STEP 5 Ready to Reserve*. Send Jose I. Pareja an email to reserve the Drone. Depending on the type of use, and certification status, you may need to have a qualified Drone Pilot with you.
  • STEP 6 Flying and sharing*: As you fly and record your footage, images, etc, we would greatly appreciate it if you could share some of your best footage, activities, lesson, presentations with us. We would like to share with our community the great things you are doing.

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