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Library Art: Senior Art Award: 2010s

Senior Art Award Winners: 2010s

"The Whales for the Tails & On the River" by Ellen Johnson

Medium:Watercolor & Ink on paper
Location:Lilly Library Main Floor, South wall

"Raindrops Drop" by Amanda Johnson

Date: 2018
Medium: photography
Location: Upper floor, atrium-adjacent East wall near Ps

"Warrior" by Sae Yeoun Hwang

Date: 2017
Medium: oil on paper
Location: Main floor, North wall

"Rabbit" by Corrigan Eckert

Date: 2016
Medium: oil on paper
Location: Main floor, North wall

"Purple and Gold Tapestry" by Ella Barry

Date: 2015
Medium: Cotton
Location: removed for repair

"Earlham Bench" by Yaroslav Zabavskiy

Date: 2014
Medium: red clay, white glaze, with laser decal
Location: Main floor, display case with Earlham sceptre

"Neuron Cells" by Martin Moon

Medium: Copper
Location: Science Commons Reading Room

"The World" (Laura Donohue, Lilly Library) by Eleanor Weston

Date: 2012
Medium: Ink wash on paper
Location: Upper floor, near East windows facing the Heart

"Star Gazers" by Caryn Wixom

Date: 2011
Medium: ceramic, water, stone
Location: Mfloor, Reference area.
Originally part of an outdoor water fountain, but damaged. Repaired 2016 by artist's instructions

"March 31st" by Laura Meilman

Date: 2010
Medium: Oil on wood panel
Location: Upper floor, North wall

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