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Library Art: Senior Art Award: 1990s

Senior Art Award Winners: 1990s

"Lover's Cocoon" by Elizabeth Coughlin

Date: 1999
Medium: Copper with patina treatment, wax, hair, dirt and mulch
Location: Deaccessioned

"Untitled" by Amber Clark

Date: 1998
Medium: Photograph
Location: Main floor, in room 201

"Mosaic Tile Picture" by Naysan McIlhargey

Date: 1997
Medium: Ceramic
Location: Main floor, South wall, near water fountain & new book area

"Untitled" by Eric Smith

Date: 1997
Medium: Ceramic
Location: Main floor, Reference Area, on bookshelf

"Untitled" by Lance Jones

Date: 1996
Medium: Photograph
Location: Lilly, upper floor, north wall

"Untitled" by Christine Black

Date: 1995
Medium: Ceramic cylinders
Location: Science Commons

"Mixed Media Habitation" by Danielle Mia Leventhal

Date: 1994
Medium: Assemblage
Location: Formerly installed on the Upper floor, east of the Tokonoma; destroyed by permission of the artist. Photos of the original installation on display, Main floor near DVDs.

"Planet Desert III" by Shawn Kummer

Date: 1993
Medium: stoneware, Raku fired
Location: Main floor, Reference area

"Question the Images" by Hillary White

Date: 1993
Medium: mosaic sculptural box
Location: Main floor, near Ronald Gallery doorway

"Ash of Artichoke" by Clint Charles Fries

Date: 1992
Medium: pit-fired slip trailed stoneware
Location: Lilly reference area on bookshelf.

"Krokbragd Rug" by Susan L. Jackson

Date: 1991
Medium: Weaving
Location: Southeast hallway outside Faculty Lounge and Director's Office

"Diptych: Nudes" by John McCoy

Date: 1990
Medium: Hand-colored silver gelatin print
Location: Upper floor, south wall

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