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Library Art: Senior Art Award: 2000s

Senior Art Award Winners: 2000s

"Breadfruits" by Harriet Rollitt

Date: 2009
Medium: Oil on paper
Location: Upper floor, room 304

"Sapho: A Construction" by Chelsea Blake

Medium: Copper sculpture of female form, composed of connected plates, open interior. Mounted by two rods into a standing log.
Location: Deaccessioned after damaged

"A Story" by Hannah Holby

Date: 2007
Medium: Painting-oil on watercolor paper
Location: Upper Floor, Southwest corner

"Untitled" by Virginia Hancock

Date: 2006
Medium: Photography
Location: Main floor, South wall

"Ode to First Grade Form Drawing Collar" by Kristin Mork

Date: 2004
Medium: Metal work necklace
Location: Main floor, North wall display case

"Lifecycle" by Chris Hartman

Date: 2003
Medium: Metal
Location: Upper floor, Japanese study area in trophy case

"Two sculptures" by Naomi Daglish

Date: 2002
Medium: Pit fired stoneware figures
Location: Main floor, Reference Area, North wall

"Untitled" by Billy Cooper

Date: 2001
Medium: Wood fired stoneware
Location: Main floor, Reference Area, on bookshelf

"Adelphia" by Emily Conrad

Date: 2000
Medium: Metal Sculpture
Location: Main floor, near room 215

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