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For detailed information about archival & genealogy collection availability check the archives home page.

Digital Quaker Collection (DQC)

The Earlham School of Religion created the Digital Quaker Collection site as a resource for Quaker scholars in 2003. The collection covers several centuries of Quaker literature, all considered to be in the public domain. It represented works written from a variety of perspectives. The collection included works written by men and women. The geographic range included England, Ireland, and America. One can find in this collection journals, histories, doctrinal works, letters, sermons, pamphlets, and proceedings. The Digital Quaker Collection represents a portion of the holdings of the Friends Collection of Lilly Library of Earlham. You can read about the history of the project here.

The site is beginning to show its age, and the Earlham Libraries and Archives are working with ESR, the Computer Science Department, and ITS to preserve the site and retain its functionality.


Quaker Bible Index

The Quaker Bible Index was another project created by scholars associated with the Earlham School of Religion. It is a key to Biblical allusions in early Quaker writings and early Quaker uses of Biblical phrases, by book, chapter and verse.

Quaker Meeting Database

This site is incredibly useful if you are trying to track down a specific Quaker meeting. You can search by meeting name, county, state, or province. If you're trying to figure out where a Quaker meeting was located or which meetings were located in a specific county or state, this site is a goldmine of information.

The site was created by the late Tom Hill and gifted to Earlham College.

University of Birmingham Quaker Theses

The University of Birmingham has a strong reputation for Quaker studies. Their students' theses are now available online, and may be useful to Quaker scholars. 

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