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ART 200: Ceramics I: PowerPoint Help

Taught by Judy Wojcik

Ways you can reduce your PowerPoint Sizes

How you can reduce the size of your PowerPoint

Large images will bog down your PowerPoint Presentation. Here are some tips to help.

Reduce images before putting into PowerPoint. Use image editing programs such as Adobe Photoshop Elements, or Irfanview. Photoshop Elements is installed on all Earlham lab computers and Irfanview is installed on all Earlham lab PC computers. :

1. Change image size/resolution. Most images do not need to be larger than 1024 X 768 pixels, or higher than 100 dpi.

2 Crop images. If you need to zoom into an area make a version of the image that is cropped.

After bringing images into PowerPoint, follow these tips from Microsoft for optimizing.

1. Reduce the file size of a picture

2. Reduce the size of your PowerPoint files

Quick Guide:
Compressing Images in PowerPoint 2010
From: Center for Academic Technology - Butler University

General Pointers for Presenting and PowerPoint

Record yourself using a laptop webcam when practicing your presentation.

Some additional tips for good presentations:

Creating your PowerPoint:

Creating an Effective PowerPoint Presentation - Virginia Montecino

Presentation Skills:

University of Arkansa Little Rock - Art Department Oral Report Guidelines

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