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CS382: Robotics and Machine Learning: Activity

Is this a credible and reliable source

For the following sources think: Who is the Audience? Is the source reliable? Is the source biased? Is it peered reviewed or refereed?

1-Detecting faces in images: a survey (2002) (link)

2-Ideas and Trends: Can Machines Learn to Think?; The Artificial Intelligence Industry Is Retrenching (1988) (link)

3-Machine Learning Credo (Accessed: Feb 15, 2016) (Link)

4-Making a Science of Model Search: Hyperparameter Optimization in Hundreds of Dimensions for Vision Architectures (2013). Journal of Machine Learning Research (link)

5-Machine learning Resource (Accessed: Feb 15, 2016) (link)

6-Detecting faces in image survey (powerpoint) (link)

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