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Quaker Women: Friends Pamphlet Groups

Resources on Quaker Women in the Earlham College Archive and Friends Collection


FPG, or Friends Pamphlet Group, contains six distinct collections of Quaker pamphlets. We classify any publication 49 pages or fewer as a "pamphlet". Pamphlets are housed in a separate location. A member of the Archives' staff will need to assist you if you wish to study them.

  • FPG 1: Meeting related publications/materials
  • FPG 2: Quaker educational institutions
  • FPG 3: Quaker organizations such as AFSC
  • FPG 4.1: Quaker authors (Mostly not by Earlham faculty)
  • FPG 4.2 Subjects (Alphabetical order by topic)
  • FPG 6: Family files, Biographical Materials

Note: If it is by written by someone, it’s in FPG 4.1, but if it’s biographical, it’s in FPG 6. Example: pamphlets written by William Penn are in 4.1, but biographical materials written about William Penn are in 6.

A member of the Archives' staff will be happy to assist you if you wish to study documents in our pamphlet collection.

FPG - Friends Pamphlet Group

FPG 3: Quaker organizations such as AFSC

FPG 3 - Female Prison Association of Friends, Philadelphia

The Archives holds a pamphlet published by the Association that accounts the time Julia Moore, a woman who died in Eastern Penitentiary of Pennsylvania in 1843. The pamphlet talks about Moore's "redeemed spirit" while serving a prison charge.

FPG 3 - Female Society of Philadelphia for the relief and Employment of the Poor

The Society first started congregating in 1815 in Philadelphia, to help the poor of Philadelphia and its suburbs through nurseries, providing shelter, etc. The Archives holds a pamphlet of the Society's Constitution and by-laws, as well as a Treasurer's report from 1818.

FPG 3 - The Henry County Female Anti-Slavery Society
The Henry County Female Anti-Slavery Society was active in Henry County, Indiana from 1841-1848. These Christian and Quaker women pushed for abolition and liberation of African Americans in the United States. The Archives holds a typescript of the original meeting notes.

FPG 3 - International Theological Conference of Quaker Women, 1990

FPG 3 - Northwest Quaker Women's Theology Conference 

FPG 4.1 Quaker Authors

This section contains the work of individual Quaker authors, many of whom were women, such as Lucretia Mott.  


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