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undefinedKaltura is Earlham’s video creation, storage, and management platform. 

Access Kaltura via any of these options:

  • Moodle, via the “My Media” side menu link
  • Visit to log into Kaltura viewing and editing options outside of Moodle.
  • Kaltura Mediaspace mobile app (aka KMS Go). You can download it from your app store. Use the site address: to connect the app to our content

Kaltura allows you to:

  • Record new video with a single or double video input (ex. your camera and your screen, your laptop camera and an external camera)
  • Upload existing video directly from a file, YouTube or Zoom recording.
  • Search across all your videos, including metadata (title, description, tags) AND spoken text and written text from within the video
  • Edit your video, including adding chapters, thumbnails, transcript and auto captions, screen layout
  • Add quiz questions throughout the videos to confirm student understanding
  • Allow for comments, giving students an opportunity for asynchronous discussion and to ask questions tied to a particular part of the video
  • Easily embed the finished product in your Moodle course

Kaltura Training Videos

This video series from Kaltura outlines ways of using Kaltura in Moodle, including How to Use My Media, How to Upload Media, How to Edit Media, How to Add a Co-Publisher or Co-Editor, and Interactive Video Quiz.

This session introduces Earlham faculty to the Kaltura platform and screencasting. Facilitated by Neal Baker and Knoll Bendsen.


Upload Media

Video Presentation

The Kaltura Video Presentation allows you to display and synchronize videos and document files side-by-side to provide students with a more complete learning experience.

For directions on using the Kaltura Video Presentation feature, check out the Kaltura Presentation Guide created by Royal Roads University

Edit Videos

Add Collaborators

  1. From Moodle go to the My Media link in the left side bar (or go to and open the video.)
  2. To the right of the video you’d like to share, select "Edit", the pencil icon  (or from the interface, open the video, under "Actions", select "Edit".)
  3. Select the Collaboration tab, then select Add Collaborator.
  4. In the box type the name of the user with whom you’d like to share the video, then select the appropriate permissions. You may select multiple boxes when choosing permissions if needed. The permissions structure is:
  • Co-Editors can edit the video
  • Co-Publishers can publish the video to other courses
  • Co-Viewers can view the video
  1.  Once you’ve selected the appropriate permissions, click Add to add your collaborators. 


Edit Captions

  1. Once the Kaltura video has been selected, click ACTIONS and +Caption & Enrich.
  2. Click the Edit (pencil icon) button for the captions you previously added.
  3. Should any of the text need to be edited, that can be done on this screen. There is a play button to view the video with accompanying captions. To edit the text or the corresponding time code, click on these items directly. When done, click Save.

click in box to edit captions

  1. Click the Back button to go back to your video.


Kaltura provides Analytics data to help you understand video engagement by individual user, individual video, or for all your media. It can help you understand:

  • which users have watched a video
  • If users are watching the whole video
  • when they stop watching your video

View Analytics for a Single Video:

  1. Within My Media (in Moodle), or from Mediaspace (, click on a media entry.
  2. Click the graph icon to access Analytics.

click bar graph icon for Analytics

  1. This stage allows you to view overall engagement with the video, including number of plays, number of viewers, and dropoff rate. Note on Avg. Completion Rate: This can be misleading. If every user only watched your video once, then 75% Avg. Completion Rate indicates they only make it ~75% through the video before stopping. However, if they watch part of it again to review a concept, that lowers the Avg. Completion Rate. 
  2. To view individual user stats, click View Engagement By User.

click View engagement by user

  1. See note above about Avg. Completion Rate. Total Completion Rate is a better picture of whether a user watched the whole video. In the screenshot below, the user has a low Avg. Completion Rate (18.6%) based on the number of times they reviewed pieces of the video. However the 100% Total Completion Rate indicates they did play the video the entire way through. 

18.6% average competion rate vs. 100% total completion rate with 7 overall views

For a more in-depth description of how to use and understand Kaltura Analytics, visit Kaltura's support page on Entry-Level Analytics.

Download Media

To Download a copy of your Kaltura media, you must first enable the ability to download the content.

  1. Locate the item you wish to download, then click "Edit."
  2. Look for the tab labeled "Downloads." Select the format you'd like to make available. (Default: source.)
  3. Click Save.Downloads tab
  1. Click "Go to Media" to return to the item, or locate it again within your My Media content.
  2. Below the player for the item, you'll now see a download icon (arrow pointing down). Click download.

Download icon below player

Share a Public Link to Your Video

  1. Public links must be created outside of Moodle via the Kaltura Mediaspace web interface. Log in at
  2. Click on your name (top right), and select "My Media" from the menu.
  3. Click the title of the video you wish to share.

under actions click publish

  1. Under the "Actions"  -- "Publish" choose "Unlisted" or "Public" (Default is "Private.")
  2. Under "Share" you'll now see a link that you can copy and paste. Users do not need to have access to Moodle or Kaltura to use these links.

click Share to access shareable link

Kaltura Troubleshooting

ITS has excellent troubleshooting tips covering a variety of topics including browser compatibility, error messages, uploading, and captioning. Refer to their Help Documentation (link).

Of note:

  • Kaltura Express Capture does not work with the Safari browsers. Chrome and Firefox are the supported browsers. 
  • Browsers may need their security settings adjusted to play videos (link)
  • If you experience a message about a lack of memory or the video creation and upload process slows or stalls, try closing unneeded applications on your computer. 
  • If you have difficulties with the Kaltura recording options, trying recording a Zoom session (no participants needed), save the file locally, and upload to Kaltura for captioning and sharing.
  • Uploading video files to Kaltura will require a strong internet connection. If you are having trouble uploading using your home or personal network, try uploading when on campus.

For additional support contact or the ITS Help Desk.


Earlham College • 801 National Road West • Richmond, Indiana 47374-4095