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Earlham School of Religion & Bethany Theological Seminary: Commentaries

Some questions to ask...

  • Are you looking for a homiletic commentary, an academic commentary, or another style?
  • Are you looking for a commentary from a particular perspective (womanist, conservative, eco-, queer, et cetera)?
  • Are you looking for a single volume commentary (covering the entire Bible in one or two volumes) or a multi-volume series (which usually dedicates one book to each book of the Bible)?
  • Are you looking for a commentary from a particular faith tradition (Brethren, Quaker, Lutheran, Catholic...)?
  • Are you looking for an item specifically available as a print book or eBook?

How to find commentaries in the library catalog

  • Go to Library Catalog
  • Search for "su:Bible [book of the Bible] Commentaries" - e.g., "su:Bible Matthew Commentaries"
  • Alternatively, find any commentary for the book in the library catalog, click on View Description, then under Subjects click on "Bible [book] Commentaries"
  • Sort by "Date (Newest First)" to find the most up-to-date books
  • Scroll down to Format and select "eBooks" for eBooks


Single-Volume Commentaries

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