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Find an article using Google Scholar

Do you already know what you're looking for? Try searching Google Scholar for the title of the article.

Google Scholar Search


Finding the actual article

Once you find a citation to an article- STEPS to take:

1. Try Google Scholar - search using article name

  1. Is there a HTML or PDF link?  -> Yes? Good to go. No? Next step...
  2. Is there Full Text @ Earlham? -> Yes? Good to go. No? Next step...
  3.  Are there multiple forms? Click "All __ Versions" and look for HTML or PDF format -> Yes? Good to go. No? Next step...

2. Try Earlham Library - search Libraries Worldwide using article name (note: remove special punctuation) 

  1. Is it in Earlham's library? -> Yes? Good to go. No? Next step...
  2. Request an Interlibrary Loan -> follow link below article to autofill request form.

3. Alternatively, request a copy from the primary author (see text box to the right)

Text to email author

Subject: Research Article Request <if possible add two or three words that summarize what the article is about>

Dear Dr. <Last name>

I was doing some research and found your paper in "<Journal Title you find it in>" titled "<Title of paper>" very interesting. Unfortunately, my institution does not have access to a Fulltext (PDF) of your article. I was wondering if you would be willing to share with me an e-copy of your article. Any help you could provide would be greatly appreciated and will help me in my research.

Warm regards,

<Your name>
Earlham College

Earlham College • 801 National Road West • Richmond, Indiana 47374-4095