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Quakers and Abolitionism: Meeting Records

Slavery and Anti-Slavery Resources in the Friends Collection & Earlham College Archives


The Friends Collection and Earlham College Archives is the official repository for the New Association of Friends and Indiana, Western, and Northern Yearly Meetings. Photocopies of the monthly meeting records for Indiana Yearly Meeting are available in the Genealogy Room. Patrons may browse these at their leisure. The remaining records are housed in a separate location. A member of the Archives' staff will need to assist you if you wish to study them.

American Quakers have traditionally kept extensive records of their activities. In addition to recording such events as births, deaths, and marriages, they wrote minutes detailing the proceedings of their business and committee meetings, and of various Quaker societies.

A member of the Archives' staff will be happy to assist you if you wish to study these records.

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