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ES 1: Who Am I? What Are You? (Nelson): DEI Initiative Project

Taught by Nelson Bingham

Examples of Kinds of DEI Programs

Even if a program isn't explicitly billed as DEI, it doesn't mean it doesn't count as a program that addresses DEI issues. Find below examples of some commonly-implemented DEI initiatives.

Search Strategies

  • I had the most success searching for a company, school, or institution name, plus "DEI" or "diversity equity and inclusion." E.g., "Earlham DEI." Searching something as broad as "DEI programs" or "DEI initiatives" yielded less results.
  • Having trouble picking a topic? It's always more fun to research something you're interested in. Pick an institution that you already 
  • Sometimes an initiative could be considered a DEI initiative without specifically mentioning the words "diversity, equity, and inclusion." Don't be afraid to broaden the search to other terms.
  • Another search strategy for finding a program is to first think of a DEI initiative you're interested in (e.g., all-gender restrooms) and then from there try to search for an institution that is doing that thing.

Four Questions You're Answering

1. What is the particular societal arena in which this DEI program exists?

2, What are the key aspects of this DEI program?

3. How do the purposes of the DEI program contribute to the overall mission of the societal system in which it is found? 

4. What evidence exists (or could be found) to demonstrate the effectiveness of this particular DEI program?

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