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Qualtrics FAQ

I can't activate my survey!

  • Staff, teaching and administrative faculty: email and ask for your Qualtrics account permissions to be upgraded.
  • Students, find a faculty or staff member to sponsor your survey and activate your survey.
  • Detailed instructions for Distributing a survey are available at Qualtrics Support : The most popular distribution method is through Email - Get a Single Reusable Link. 

I can't see a survey someone shared with me.

  • Check that you are logging into Earlham's instance of Qualtrics, through TheHeart, or
  • Before you can see shared surveys, Qualtrics requires that you have created at least one survey yourself.
    • Create a survey; you can call it test and just include one blank question on it.
    • After you create it, return to the "My Surveys" tab and you should now see the shared survey on your "My Surveys" page.

My email triggers have stopped working.

Qualtrics has stopped supporting email triggers. They recommend deleting existing email triggers, and setting up Email Tasks (type of Workflow) instead. Detailed instructions are available at Qualtrics Support: 

I need to transfer ownership of a survey to someone else.

  • Email with the details.
  • Include a link to the survey(s) needed and if known who previously owned them. We can not search by survey name, so a link to the survey is essential or the survey creator/owner is essential.
  • The new owner of the surveys will need to have logged into Qualtrics before the transfer can be completed.

What is Qualtrics?

Qualtrics is online survey software. Earlham has purchased a site license for Qualtrics so it is available to every community member for no additional cost. You can use Qualtrics for simple statistic gathering or information forms, such as getting feedback about programs or job candidates. Qualtrics can also do more complicated tasks, such as leading people through a survey based on their answers to specific questions or randomization.

You can log into Qualtrics by going to TheHeart  You can also go directly to Qualtrics with this url:


Activating your survey

Staff, Teaching and Administrative Faculty

At first your default account allows you to create surveys. In order to activate the surveys so that you can collect responses email any member of the Qualtrics Team to have your account upgraded.


Earlham campus Qualtrics policies require all Earlham students to have a survey sponsor who is a member of the Staff, Teaching or Administrative faculty. The survey sponsor will ensure that the survey is ready to be activated and follows Earlham human subject research guidelines and requirements.  Students should ask someone familiar with their project to be their survey sponsor. If the sponsor is uncertain how to activate a student survey he/she may contact a member of the Qualtrics Team for assistance.

Earlham Qualtrics Support Team -

Earlham College • 801 National Road West • Richmond, Indiana 47374-4095