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Connecting Earlham undergraduates to library and information science careers.

About the Kenlee Ray Library & Archives Fellows Program

Learn if a career in Libraries or Archives is right for you.

The Kenlee Ray Library & Archives Fellows program allows students to research librarianship, both at Earham and at other types of libraries.

  • Learn about multiple aspects of librarianship through local library site visits and networking with Earlham Alumni working as librarians.
  • View and discuss a variety of media on libraries, including documentaries, theatrical movies, and librarian-created videos.
  • Read about the intellectual framework and ethics behind librarianship and engage in discussions of the readings & media with librarians.
  • Research current topics in librarianship, such as how librarians are defending intellectual freedom by battling efforts to ban books.
  • Create a bibliography of your research that you will share with other participants and librarians.
  • Develop skills in archival research and creating public displays by creating additional pages on notable Earlham alumni to add to the touch-screen display started by former Kenlee Ray Fellows.

Student learning goals:

  • Gain experience in the library workplace.
  • Explore library professional associations and issues.
  • Initiate a network of library professional contacts.
  • Develop a vocational relationship with an Earlham library professional.

Student outcomes: 

Upon completion of the fellowship, the student will be able to:

  • Learn about the variety of roles within libraries, and the range of types of libraries, archives, and related career options.
  • Be aware of some of the modern challenges facing libraries and some ways those issues are being addressed.
  • Express his/her own aptitudes and preferences among types of librarianship.
  • Demonstrate skills in doing archival research and creating a public display based on that research.

Activities related to goals:

  • Project work
    • Hands-on projects that arise from student interests and library staff needs
  • Readings & Discussion
    • Conversations with a librarian or archivist about an assigned reading or media on librarianship
  • Alumni Engagement
    • Meetings with alumni in library, archives, and related positions
  • Reviewing types of libraries and library positions
    • Library site visits
    • Review of open job ads

Institutional Outcomes:

  • Cultivate future professional leaders with Earlham connections.
  • Link current students to Earlham LIS alumni, and LIS alumni to Earlham.
  • Demonstrate the value of the Earlham Libraries to College recruitment and retention.
  • Align the Earlham Libraries with the College focus on post-graduate success.


Details for 2024

  • Earlham students can apply through Handshake. Look for "Summer Research Assistant."
  • Deadline to apply - February 16
  • Program dates: May 15 - June 7
  • Students are provided stipends at $100 per day for full-time employment. (Taxable)
  • Saturdays, Sundays, and Memorial Day (Monday, May 27th) are unpaid days off. 
  • Students must cover their own cost-of-living expenses.
  • Students must be rising sophomores, juniors, and seniors. Seniors graduating before the project starts are not eligible.


Past Participants


2016 students at Morrisson Reeves Library in Richmond, Indiana. 

2023 Participants

From left to right: Amy Bryant (instructor), Diana Santiago-Cruz, Tamarianna Mason, Quinn Doden,

Julia Muse (instructor), Blaise Rzezsut, Oona Giebel, Jenny Freed (instructor), Mary Bogue (instructor).

Photo taken in the Adler Planetarium Special Collections, Chicago, Illinois.

Previous Kenlee Ray Fellows

2013 - Sarah Brown-Anson, Brian Forman

2014 - Colin Andrews, Ann MacNamara

2015 - Aaron Falsetto, Michael Grathwohl

2016 - Mollie Goldblum, William Henry, Lara Miller, Allison Muterspaw, Sadie Zabawa

2017 - Sarah Spodek

2018 - Minda Dettman, Jade Pendleton

2019 - Leanne Cheong, Yasmin Dasilva, Anh Nguyen, Victoria Trezona

2020 - Sydney Ameluxen, Lee Tran, Simon Trubek-Pence, Anyu Zhang

2021 - Yazid Barhoush, Courtney Bassett, Myrrh Grossman, Fiona Kelly, Sumayyah Mumford 

2022 - Rebecca Fischer, Kate Neal

2023 - Quinn Doden, Oona Giebel, Tamarianna Mason, Blaise Rzeszut, Diana Santiago-Cruz

Earlham College • 801 National Road West • Richmond, Indiana 47374-4095