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CHM 331: Analytical Chemistry: Collaboration

Project Sections


Srch Broadly first: Google, Google Scholar, Websites (Thur EC research guide)

Srch Broadly Chem. specific databases: ACS J. Chemical Education (1); other Journals (2)

Search more Narrow: SciFinder Scholar & ACS & Web of Science

(Optional) Search eBooks: Thru EC Libraries research guide (e.g. ebrary)



Group Participants:

Participant Emails:

Project Idea:

Keywords used:

(A) 3-4 Sentences Project Goal:

What do you plan on doing?

Do you have the context (water, air, soil, etc)?

Do you have a question in mind?

Do you have a prediction?

(B) Background information

About the chemical(s)?

About Health Effects?

About sources?

About acceptable standards?

Other interesting facts and information that would be good for your project report

(C) Methods of Analysis

Do you know what you need to measure?

Do you know which methods are used to detect? Do you know if you will have access to this method?

(D) References (Copy Title of the article, authors, and abstract)

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