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BIO 112: Cells, Genes, and Inheritance (GMO) Genetically Modified Organisms: Science Citations

Science Citation Styles

In the sciences, there are fewer standard styles.  Often different publishers will have different styles and there may not be one standard for each discipline. Below a Science Citation guide used for Earlham Seminars with a Science focus.

Journal Abbreviations

Some citation styles require you to use the journal abbreviation instead of the full title.  Use these websites to help you find the abbreviations.


The biology department has agreed that students in the biology program should use APA Style format when working with citations and references, specifically in their introductory courses. 

APA@EC Links:

(Note. Faculty members may decide to deviate from the format above so ask your professor)


Chemistry has its own citation style.  It is the ACS citation style.

Check out these links that summarize what is in the ACS

Computer Science & Engineering

Math & Statistics

The American Mathematical Society suggests the use of a document preparation system called LaTeX.  If you use LaTeX you can download different author packages that will help you format your document for different book series or journals.


Physics does not have a current standard style.  You can use the AIP Style Manual, 4th edition, but it is not current.  To double check, you might want to check with an individual journal.

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