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BIO 112: Cells, Genes and Inheritance (CGI) GENETIC DISEASE PROJECT: Make the Poster


Posters should include

  1. introduction to the disease (symptoms, background information, interesting features, etc.)
  2. structure of the gene
  3. function of the protein product of the gene
  4. mutation associated with the disease and its metabolic consequences
    (For instance, if a mutation changes a glutamate to an isoleucine, what does that lead to? Reduced enzymatic activity? Misfolding? Loss of regulation? Etc.)
  5. summary linking the cellular/molecular disruption to the physiology of the organism
    ( For instance, if the affected gene codes for a protein regulating gene expression in the nervous system during development, describe how this would explain symptoms that relate to nervous system functioning.)
  6. literature cited section. Make a second copy of your literature cited list and turn this in separately. For appropriate in-text citation format and literature cited list format, see Citing Scientific Literature in Biology Courses.

Content and Style Hints

  • Organize text into lists and outlines, rather than paragraphs. Be brief.
  • Use pictures or diagrams to summarize points. Provide citation for source of diagram.
  • Be sure to link the cellular/molecular defect to the disease consequences. Explain what the mutation is, what effect it has on the mRNA and protein, etc. Then, if possible, link that faulty expression to the clinical symptoms.
  • The content of your poster must contain citations and there must be a Literature Cited list. Refer to Citing Scientific Literature in Biology Courses.

Assembly Hints

  • Allow at least 4 hours for poster assembly
  • Buy your supplies at the bookstore during the week when it's open
  • There will be a paper cutter in the lab to help you with cutting the poster board.
  • In years past, groups have assembled in the Cell Lab on Sunday and have had fun working on their posters and helping each other out with organization, sharing materials, etc.
  • Be sure that your font is large enough to be read from 4 feet away.
  • Some people in the past have used arrows or numbers on their poster pieces to help people read in a particular order.
  • Please proofread your poster carefully.
  • We'll provide push pins for putting the posters on the walls.

Gene Panel

Download a sample gene panel for Tay-Sachs Disease

Protein Panel

Download a sample protein panel.

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