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Quaker Cemetery Records: Friends Pamphlet Groups


FPG, or Friends Pamphlet Group, contains six distinct collections of Quaker pamphlets. We classify any publication 49 pages or fewer as a "pamphlet". Pamphlets are housed in a separate location. A member of the Archives' staff will need to assist you if you wish to study them.

  • FPG 1: Meeting related publications/materials
  • FPG 2: Quaker educational institutions
  • FPG 3: Quaker organizations such as AFSC
  • FPG 4.1: Quaker authors (Mostly not by Earlham faculty)
  • FPG 4.2 Subjects (Alphabetical order by topic)
  • FPG 6: Family files, Biographical Materials

Note: If it is by written by someone, it’s in FPG 4.1, but if it’s biographical, it’s in FPG 6. Example: pamphlets written by William Penn are in 4.1, but biographical materials written about William Penn are in 6.

A member of the Archives' staff will be happy to assist you if you wish to study documents in our pamphlet collection.

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