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Welcome to the new Lilly Library Student Lounge!

Designed especially for commuter students and funded by a grant from the Lilly Endowment.



Located just to the left of the main doors, near the circulation desk, the Lounge features these items designed especially to help commuting students:

  • Day-use lockers, so you can store items between classes
  • Day-use fridge -- bring your lunch to campus and store it here.
  • Microwave -- to warm up your food.
  • Cafe benches with built-in outlets to charge your devices.
  • Comfy seating, to rest & relax between classes.


While designed especially for commuter students, all students are welcome to use the space. If the number of available lockers is low, we ask that on-campus students respect the needs of commuter students, and not use the lockers. 

Kitchenette for student use

Day-use fridge and microwave

lounge kitchette

Charge your devices with powered benches

bench with power

Relax and enjoy a view of campus

window view

Day-Use Locker Instructions

  • Put your items in the locker
  • Press START + any 4 digit code + Lock button (icon of padlock)
  • To  open locker, input the same sequence - START +your 4 digit code + Lock button
  • Once the locker is opened the code is erased. If you want to relock the with the same code enter the same sequence

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