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History Sticks With Us: This Month's Sticker(s)


This Month's Sticker

This Month's Sticker: Mocktails!

Earlham was founded in 1847 by Indiana Yearly Meeting. The rules and regulations on campus for much of Earlham’s history were a reflection of Earlham’s Quaker heritage. Singing, dancing, and music were all banned on campus. Earlham didn’t begin offering music courses until 1884, and dancing was forbidden until 1929. Similarly, alcohol was also banned on campus for most of our history. In fact, the policy allowing students to drink on campus is relatively new, dating to only about ten years ago.

The inspiration for our November/December sticker is a flyer from c. 1990 created by the Drug and Alcohol Education Committee. It includes a variety of non-alcoholic mocktail recipes. The image in the background of the sticker is from an Earlham dance in 1981.

Mocktail Flyer



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