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Connecting Earlham undergraduates to library and information science careers.

Kenlee Ray Library & Archive Fellows Overview

About the Kenlee Ray Library & Archives Fellows Program

The Kenlee Ray '67 Library & Archives Fellows program advances career discovery.  Every spring semester the program accepts an Earlham student interested in the library, archives, or related library information science (LIS) professions. The student undertakes a 135-hour practicum and a one-credit tutorial under the supervision of Earlham Libraries administrative faculty. They also network with Earlham LIS alumni. Upon successful completion of the semester, the student receives $1500 less taxes withheld. The Kenlee Ray Library & Archives Fellows program is funded by generous donor support that yields positive outcomes for both students and the College.

Student learning goals:

  • Gain experience in the LIS workplace.
  • Explore LIS professional associations and issues.
  • Initiate a network of LIS professional contacts.
  • Develop a significant vocational relationship with an adult in the LIS profession at Earlham.
  • Refine interviewing, resume, and cover-letter writing skills.
  • Recognize the power of self-reflection and planning in terms of career aspirations.

Student outcomes: 

Upon completion of the fellowship, the student will be able to:

  • Articulate the ways in which Earlham Libraries and Archives supports the College's mission.
  • Demonstrate understanding of the complex inner workings of Earlham Libraries and Archives.
  • Recognize the rewards of librarianship.
  • Address the challenges facing academic libraries and the profession of academic librarianship.
  • Identify the variety of career options in academic librarianship and archival work.
  • Express his/her own aptitudes and preferences among types of librarianship.
  • Pursue ongoing professional relationships within Earlham Libraries and Archives, within Earlham's librarian alumni community, and beyond to the larger network of librarians.

Institutional Outcomes:

  • Cultivate future professional leaders with Earlham connections.
  • Link current students to Earlham LIS alumni, and LIS alumni to Earlham.
  • Demonstrate the value of the Earlham Libraries to College recruitment and retention.
  • Align the Earlham Libraries with the College focus on post-graduate success.

Modalities during Spring Semester:

  • Practicum
    • 9 hours weekly for 15 weeks: an experiential immersion with units in reference, archives, technical services, and information literacy instruction.
  • Tutorial
    • 1 hour weekly for 15 weeks: a text-based, one-credit conversation with a librarian or archivist about an assigned reading.
  • Job-Seeker Training
    • Learn about interviewing, resume-writing, and other vocational skills.
  • Self-Reflection
    • Journaling and the option for a clearness committee.
  • Alumni Engagement
    • Meetings with LIS alumni.

To Apply:

  • Current Earlham students eligible to apply.
  • Juniors/seniors preferred.
  • Complete the online application form, including personal statement and the names of references.
  • Deadline for October 29, 2017
  • For more information contact Neal Baker, Library Director.


Deadline October 29

Online Application Form

Neal Baker

Neal Baker's picture
Neal Baker
Lilly Library


Previous Kenlee Ray Fellows

2013  - Sarah Brown-Anson, Brian Foreman

2014 - Colin Andrews, Ann MacNamara

2015 - Aaron Falsetto, Michael Grathwohl

2016 - Mollie Goldblum, William Henry, Lara Miller, Allison Muterspaw, Sadie Zabawa

2017 - Sarah Spodek

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