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DVD & Streaming Video and Audio Collection: Public Performance Rights (PPR)

Information on the DVD collection in Lilly Library


Title Call Number
Advertising and the end of the world HF5822 .A48 2002
Africa MIA / The Mali-Cuba Connection ML421.A44 2020
Art of Film: THE CAMERA PN1995.9 F55 A78 2011
Art of Film: THE EDITED IMAGE PN1995.9 F55 A78 2011
Art of Film: THE ROLE OF WOMEN IN MOVIES PN1995.9 F55 A78 2011
Ax Fight, The F 2520.1 .Y3 A96 2007
Band of Sisters  BX4220.U6 B363 2012
Bard in the Backcountry PN2590.T7 B37 2015
Beasts of the Southern Wild PN 1997 .B437 2013
Black Is...Black Ain't: A Personal Journey Through Black Identity E185.62 .B63 1995
Bringing Down a Dictator DR1318 .B74 2001
Black Diamonds TN23.2.B53 2006
Bound: Africans vs. African Americans E185.625 .B686 2014
Cannibal Tours G155.P26 C366 1988
Changing our minds: the story of Dr. Evelyn Hooker HQ75.15.C43 1992
College behind bars HV8883.3.C653 2019
Color Adjustment E185.615 C65 1992
Daughters of Ixchel: Maya Thread of Change F1465.T4 D38 1993
Dawnland E99.A13 D388 2018
Dead Birds DU744.35.D32 D43 2004
Dryland S521.5.W2 D79 2014
Dupes, The (Al Makhdu'un)  PJ7500 D87 1991
Ethnic Notions (copy 1) E185.62 .E856 1987
Faat Kine PQ10 .F227 2001
Feast, The F2520.1.Y3 F32 2004
Finzan: A Dance for the Heroes PN1997 .F569 2008
The Gate of Heavenly Peace G37 1996 DS779.32
Get the Fire! Young Mormon Missionaries BX8661.G48 2002
Grand Blanc de Lambarene, Le (The Great White Man of Lambarene) PQ10 .G73 2005
Hamlet (Olivier) PR2807.A23 O57 2000
High Tech, Low Life PN4784.C615 H53 2013
How to Start a Revolution HM 1281. H69 2011
Human nature QH440.H86 2019
In Black and White: ALICE WALKER PS153.N5 I5 2008
In Black and White: AUGUST WILSON PS153.N5 I5 2008
In Black and White: CHARLES JOHNSON PS153.N5 I5 2008
In Black and White: GLORIA NAYLOR PS153.N5 I5 2008
In Black and White: JOHN WIDEMAN PS153.N5 I5 2008
In Black and White: TONI MORRISON PS153.N5 I5 2008
Inequality For All HC106.84 I543 2014
Interviews with My Lai Veterans PN1997 .S28 2000
Invisible Heroes DP269.47.A46 I58 2015
Journey to Planet Earth: RIVERS OF DESTINY QH541.5.S7 R594 1999
Karayuki-San, the making of a prostitute PL700.K37 2012
Keita: The Heritage of the Griot PQ10 .K44 1995
Killing Us Softly 3: Advertising's Image of Women HF5822 .K55 2002
Land, The PJ7500. L36 200
Lectures of Robert Beverly Hale NC760.H35 2003
Long Night's Journey into Day: South Africa's Search for Truth & Reconciliation DT1974.2 .L664 2000
Lumumba: la mort du prophete (Lumumba: Death of a Prophet) DT658.22 .L86 1992
The Lynchburg Story: Eugenic Sterilization in America HQ755.5.V57 T76 2011
Marx Reloaded: Which Pill Will You Take? HB97.5. M334 1947 2011
Medieval Drama: From Sanctuary to Stage PN1751 .M43 2005
Miss Representation  HQ1421 .M57 2011
Movie Lovers Guide to Film Language: Classic Scenes From Timeless Films-Understanding The Creative Components of Film PN1993.7.M69 2003
NO! HV6558 .N6 2015
Out of Cordoba BR1610.098 2010
Performing the Border HN120.C48 P47 1999
Picture a Scientist Q130 .P538 2020
Question of Color, A E185.625 .Q47 1993
Race: The Power of an Illusion GN269 .R337 2003
Raising of America (3 year digital license expires November 1, 2019)
Razing Appalachia TN805.W4 R39 2003
Rewilding America QL737.C27 R495 2014
RBG KB8745.G56 R34 2018
Richard Wright - Black Boy PS3545.R815 R52 2004
Salata Baladi (An Egyptian Salad) PJ7500.S35 2008
Search for an American Voice in Theater, A: INTO THE POST-WAR ERA PN2226 .S43 2003
Search for an American Voice in Theater, A: PRELUDE AND FIRST CURTAINS PN2226 .S43 2003
Search for an American Voice in Theater, A: THE FEDERAL THEATER, PROJECT 891, AND THE MERCURY THEATER PN2226 .S43 2003
Shadows of Liberty PN4867.2 S53 2012
Shattering the silences LB2331.72.S54 1997
Sipakapa is not for sale HD9535.G9 S56 2007
Sound and Fury: Six Years Later  HV 2392.2 S686 2006
Soy Andina GV 1641 S69 2008
Squeeze Me: Robots in Dementia Therapy RC521.S68 2012
The Starfish Throwers HV696.F6 S775 2014
Strange Demise of Jim Crow, The LC2803.H69 S87 1998
Surname Viet given name Nam HQ1750.5.S875 1989
Two pageants: men with teeth & gates of hell PN2297.B74 T8 2000
The Year of the Wildebeest QL737. U53 Y43 2008
Violin, The  PQ6000 .V565 2008 
Urban Odyssey HM856 .U733 2013
Way of St. James, The  PQ6000.A4 C36 2006
We are all related here E99.E7 W4 2015
What's Race Got To Do With It? LC1009.3. W43 2006
Zan Boko (Homeland) PN1997.B92 Z36 1988


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