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DVD & Streaming Video and Audio Collection: Non-standard format (PAL & SECAM)

Information on the DVD collection in Lilly Library

Where can I play non-standard format DVDs?

The majority of players in Carpenter are multi-region players, due to the increased likelihood that foreign language films will be a non-standard format. There are no multi-region players in LBC. Many laptops will also play non-standard format discs.

If you plan to show a film that requires a multi-region player, please check the room you plan to use to see if it will play. If it does not, you have several options. You can connect your laptop to the box in the classroom, move your class or event to a room with a multi-region player, or contact ITS and ask them to set up a multi-region player for the classroom in question for the date and time needed.

What are non-standard formats?

Media marked as Region 1, NTSC, or 'Region free' should play on all US players.

Media marked with Regions 2-9 (PAL) or those designated as SECAM format are listed below. The cases are marked with the format as well for user reference.

For more information on what the various regions mean and the differences between formats, please click here.


Title Call number 
15 Dias Contigo (15 Days with You) PQ6000 .Q856 2005
35 Shots of Rum (35 Rhums) PQ10 .S368 2009
Aime Cesaire: Cahier d'un retour au pays natal and Journal intime du Cahier (Return to my Native Land) PQ10 .A564 2008
Amante Bilingue, El (The Bilingual Lover) PQ6000 .A436 2005
American Dreams in China
PL2250.A44 2013 
Amigo/Amado (Beloved/Friend) (Amic/Amat) PQ6000 .A654 2004
Anita no pierde el tren (Anita Doesn't Miss the Train) PQ 6000 .A558 2001
Art of Healing, The NK1648 .A78 2005
As It Is In Heaven (Sa som i Himmelen) PN1997 .N556 2004
Basse Pointe 16, The (Les 16 de Basse-Pointe) F2081.7 .D543 2009
Belle Epoque (The Age of Beauty) PQ6000 .B455 2003
Biguine: The Fabulous Story of a Town and its Music PQ10 .B548 2005
Black Mic-Mac PQ10 .B533 2002
Les Blessures Assassines PQ10 .B547 2000
Blood and Bones (Chi to hone) PL700 .B566 2006
Cachorro (Bear Club) PQ6000 .C334 2004
El Camino De Santiago ( The Way of St. James - not a path of Roses) PQ6000.A4 C36 2006
Camp de Thiaroye PQ10 .C367 2002
Les Caprices d'un Fleuve PQ10 .C3 2003
La Cara Oculta PQ6000.C373 2011
Carrington PN1997.C35 2001
Ceddo (Outsiders) PQ10 .C433 2002
Chaos PQ10 ,C43 2002
Chichi to kuraseba (The Face of Jizo) PL700 .C453 2004
Chinoise, La PQ10 .C456 2000
Christ PN1997 .C475 2007
Choco PQ6000 .C463 2013
Dany Laferriere: La derive douce d'un enfant de Petit-Goave (The Drift of a Sweet Child of Petit-Goave) PQ10.L163 Z465 2009
Der geteilte Himmel (Divided Heaven) PT1 .G444 2009
Destiny (Le Destin) PJ7500 .D478 1998
Dewa Ruci: A Shadow Puppet Performance by Ki Manteb Soedharsono M176 .D493 2000
Divine Emilie PQ10 .D58 2011
Einstein and Eddington PN1997 .E367 2008
El Patio de mi Carcel (My Prison Yard) PQ6000.P385 2008
El Traje (The Suit) PQ6000 .T735 2002
En la Ciudad (In the City) PQ6000 .C583 2003
Estrella del Sur PQ6000 .E884 2005
Even the Rain (Tambien la Iluvia) PQ6000 .T363 2011
Everyday Rebellion HM881 .E94 2014
Exit the King (Le roi se meurt) PQ10 .O6 R63 2009
Extranjeras (Foreign Women) HQ1161 .E98 2003
Final del Camino, Al (Road to Santiago) BF637.S4 R63 2009
Finisterre (Fisterra: Where the World Ends) PQ6000 .F565 2002
First Citizen - Albert Namatjira ND1105.N3 F5 1988
Fitzcarraldo PT1 .F589 1999
Foreign Affair, A PN1997 .F674 2008
Funeral Parade of Roses (Bara no Soretsu) PL700 .F864 2006
Ghost Dance PN1997 .G467 2006
Helden wie wir (Heroes Like Us) PT1.G4 H455 2000
Hola, ?estas sola? (Hi, Are You Alone?) PQ6000 .H653 2003
La Hora de los Hornos PQ6000.H673 2007
Intouchables (Untouchable) PQ10 .I586 2011
Iron Crows HN50 .I766 2011
La Islma Minima PQ6000 .M565 2015
Jamon Jamon (Ham, Ham) PQ6000 .J366 2004
Kanjincho PL700 .K365 2004
Kapo PN1997 .K376 2003
Kill Bill Volume 1 PN1997 .K555 2004
Kirikou and the Savage Beast (Kirikou et les betes sauvages) PQ10 .K575 2005
L'Affiche Rouge (Red Poster) PQ10 .A445 2008
Lesquive PQ10 .L477 2004
L'esquive/LaFaute a Voltaire PQ10 .E8 2004
Ley del deseo, La (The Law of Desire) PQ6000 .l39 2003
Life Is A Miracle (La vie est un miracle) PN1997 .L54 2005
Los Olvidados (The Young and the Damned) PQ6000 .O585 2004
Lucia y el Sexo (Sex and Lucia) PQ6000 .L835 2001
Maigret et l'affaire Saint-Fiacre (Maigret and the St. Fiacre Case) PQ10 .M354 2004
Making Sense of the Sixties HN59 .M35 2007
Man is a Woman (L'Homme est une femme comme les autres) PQ10 .M36 2005
Mariage de Figaro Le (The Marriage of Figaro) PQ10 .A7 R67 2010
Muerte de un Ciclista (Death of a Cyclist) PQ6000 .M847 2002
Nadie Hablara de Nosotras Cuando Hayamos Muerto (Nobody Will Speak of Us When We're Dead) PQ6000 .N3243 2004
Naked Pilgrim: The Road to Santiago BX2321.S3 N35 2004
Nü peng you nan peng you / Gf*bf
PL2250.G57 2012
On Connait la Chanson (Same Old Song) PQ10 .O513 2005
Orpailleur (Gold Panner) PQ 10.077 2010
Palabras Encadenadas (Killing Words) PQ6000 .P353 2002
Paralelo 36 (Parallel 36) (Latitude 36) (Breitengrad 36) JV7590 .P373 2004
Passion for Pots, A NK4210 .R542 P38 2008
Pere Goriot, Le (Father Goriot) PQ10.P474 G6 2004
Perfect Crime (El Crimen Perfecto) PQ6000 .C756 2007
Perro del hortelano, El (The Dog in the Manger) PQ6000 .P477 2002
Pina GV1786.T36 P563 2011
Poniente PQ6000 .P665 2002
Por Sus Propios Ojos PQ6000.P76 2008
Porfirio PQ6000.P674 2012
Primo PN2181 .P756 2004
La Religieuse (The Nun) PQ10.N86 2014
Requiem por un campesino espanol (Requiem for a Spanish Peasant) PQ6000 .R478 1985
Salt of this Sea (Milh hadha al-bahr) PJ7500 .S358 2009
She Stoops to Conquer PN2171 .S54 2003
Shiranami gonin otoko (The five bandits) PL700.K3 S557 2004
Sin tetas no hay paraiso PQ6000 .S55 2011
La Sirga PQ6000.S574 2013
Sonnenallee (Sun Alley) PT1 .S96 2004
State of the Planet GE140 .S73 2005
Suerte Dormida, La (Sleeping Luck) PQ6000 .S83 2004
Susanna PQ6000 .S873 2003
Tango, A Strange Turn (Tango, un giro extrano) ML3800 .T364 2006
Terakoya (Sugawara denju tenarai kagami) PL700 .S814 2004
Teta Asustadra, Le (The Milk of Sorrow) PQ6000 .T483 2009
Thirteen Roses (13 Roses) (Las 13 rosas) PQ6000 .T45 2007
Train of Memory PQ6000 .T73 2006
Tristana PQ6000 .T757 2005
El truco del manco PN1997.T78 2009
La Vaquilla PQ6000.V378 2015
La Voz Dormida PQ6000 .V69 2012
The Way of St. James - Welcome PQ6000.A4 W4 2007
Woyzeck PT1 .W699 2000
Wunder von Bern, Das (The Miracle of Bern) PT1 .W86 2004
Yoshitsune senbonzakura-Kawatsura Hogen yakata no ba; Okuniwa no ba; Zaodohanayagura no ba (1000 Cherry Trees of Yoshitsune) PL700 .Y674 2004
You Are so Beautiful (Je vous trouve tres beau) PQ10 .J418 2006


Title Call Number
Lola Montes PQ10 .l653 1998
Quai Des Brumes, Le PQ10 .P678 2004
Therese Raquin PQ10 .T447 2005

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