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DVD & Streaming Video and Audio Collection: Foreign Films

Information on the DVD collection in Lilly Library

Browsing for Foreign Language Films

Foreign language films may often be searched by both their foreign and english title in our catalog.

However, it's more difficult to search online for all of the films in a particular language. For this reason we have shelved foreign language films in groups under their primary language, and then organized alphabetically by title. Below is a list of call numbers for the most common languages represented in our collection. 

Call numbers for foreign language films

PG  2900          Russian

PG 3800           Ukrainian

PG 4000           Czech / Slovak

PG 6000           Polish

PG 8000           Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian

PG 9500           Albanian

PH 90               Finnish

PH 2000           Hungarian

PJ 5000            Hebrew

PJ 5120            Yiddish

PJ 7500            Arabic

PK 180             Indian (Hindi + others)

PK 6400           Persian, Afghan, Kurdish

PK 8500          Armenian

PK 9000          Caucasian (Georgian, others)

PL 100             Turkish

PL 400             Mongolian

PL 700             Japanese

PL  950            Korean                                        

PL 2250           Chinese

PL 3700           Tibetan

PL 4000           Southeast Asian

PL 5000           Oceanian (Malayan, Javanese, Philippine, Australian)

PL 8009           African

PM 30               Eskimo, Aleut

PM 100             American Indian

PM 3000          Indian (Mexico, Central America)

PM 5000          Indian (South American & West Indies)

PM 7830          Creole

PQ 10               French

PQ 4000          Italian

PQ 6000          Spanish

PQ 9000          Portuguese

PT 1                  German

PT 5000           Dutch

PT 6500           Afrikaans

PT 7000           Scandinavian (Denmark, Norway, Sweden)

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Mary Bogue
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Other popular DVD categories

PN 1992.77            Television series (shelved alphabetically by Series title)

PN 1995.75            Silent films

PN 1995.8               Amateur motion pictures (shelved by director)

PN 1997 .A1            Collections (shelved by director)

PN 1997                  Feature films (shelved alphabetically by title)

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