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Video and Audio Recording Equipment and Adapters: Home

Information on media equipment available for checkout at the Lilly Library Circulation Desk

Available Equipment

Complete list of available equipment in Lilly Library

Lilly Library has the following types of equipment available for 3 day checkout* for Earlham students, faculty, and staff:

  • Video recording devices (5)
  • Audio recording devices (8)
  • Tripods
  • Projectors (3)
  • Portable projection screen (1)
  • 6 microphones (2 Sony condenser stereo mics; 2 Zoom iQ6 mics for IOS; 2 Rode Lavalier mics) (some of these also plug into computers)
  • 1 microphone to plug into computer (i.e. used for Skype group calls, etc.)
  • ​4 Mic kits (includes multiple items)
  • 4 Light kits (includes multiple items)
  • 5 DSLR Camera kits**
              link to online manual
  • 3 DSLR Tripods
  • 1 Camera slide
  • 1 EFS 24mm camera lens
  • 1 EF 50mm camera lens
  • 1 EF 40mm camera lens
  • Mac adapters of various types and connections
    (Thunderbolt -> VGA; thunderbolt -> HDMI; Lightning -> VGA; Lightning -> HDMI; display port to HDMI; USB-C -> HDMI; USB-C -> VGA; USB-C -> USB; ipad -> VGA)
  • Headphone splitters (3)
  • SD card reader (1)
  • Selfie stick (2)
  • 2 Stabalizers
  • 2 additional Reflectors
  • 2 additional Reflector stands

* Those needing equipment/adapters for long term use (more than 2 weeks) should communicate with ITS or their department to inquire about a more permanent solution.

​**Manual and solutions disk available upon request.


Lilly Library also has the following items available for use In Library only:

  • Headphones, with and without microphones (6 hour reserve)
  • Headphones for use in MALL (lab in library basement)
  • Power strips with 4-6 foot long cords (some with USB ports): 7 (6 hour reserve)
  • Computer speakers: 1 set (4 hour reserve) - instruction/class use given priority
  • 5 Hp Elitebook laptops

Need equipment not on this list? Please see below for other available resources:

If you are a faculty or staff member in need of equipment for classroom/departmental use, please contact the ITS helpdesk (x2000) for assistance.

If you are a student looking for equipment to support Student Activities/Clubs, please contact Joe Lepone for assistance. The following equipment is currently available to loan, but other equipment needs will be explored as needed:

  • Portable Sound System (includes speaker with Bluetooth capabilities/jacks for electronic inputs and a wireless microphone)
  • Megaphone

For information on Laptops available for circulation, please see the Laptops page. At this time, long-term laptop loans are only available in the Science and Technology Commons. More information is available at the link listed above.

Tips for users

  • Lilly Library cannot guarantee that equipment will be charged at checkout. Please plan ahead and ensure that you can plug into power during use or have time to charge the device before use.
  • Some devices run on AA or AAA batteries. The Library will provide new batteries for these devices as needed.
  • Devices perform better when connected to a power supply during use. Device battery indicators are not a predictable measure of battery life.
  • Please wipe the memory of the device before returning it to the Library. This ensures your privacy and keeps the device ready for the next user. The Library is not responsible for the content of devices or use thereof if memory is not wiped.
  • This equipment is not professional quality. Devices have limits due to quality and available memory.
  • Users are responsible for returning all parts (including SD cards where applicable). Users will be billed for any lost or damaged equipment.


Video Production Equipment

Lilly Library has a variety of video production equipment available for checkout by students who are enrolled in the two Video Production classes (Film/Theater 275 & 375). Currently only students enrolled in these classes may check out the equipment listed below:

  • 7 Tripods
  • 4 Mic kits (includes multiple items)
  • 4 Light kits (includes multiple items)
  • 2 Stabalizers
  • 2 additional Reflectors
  • 2 additional Reflector stands
  • 3 DSLR Camera kits*
              link to online manual
  • 3 DSLR Tripods
  • 1 Camera slide
  • 1 EFS 24mm camera lens
  • 1 EF 50mm camera lens
  • 1 EF 40mm camera lens

*Manual and solutions disk available upon request.


Links to online manuals for Video Production equipment:

Assistance Needed?

If you need assistance selecting the best equipment for your project or classroom assignment, or need help using the equipment you have checked out, please schedule a Research Consultation with Neal Baker.


Traci Johnson

Earlham College • 801 National Road West • Richmond, Indiana 47374-4095