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Recording Audio Sample with Audacity

Instructions from Speech Accent Archive:


Check out USB with mic headset from library Circulation Desk. 

(No, your ratty earbuds aren't sufficient.) 

Rules and regulations: Must have your ID, 2 hour loan, must stay in library


Connect Headset to computer

Audacity seems to recognize the headset more reliably if connected prior to launching Audacity.


Open Audacity 

(on Earlham lab computers, ALL PROGRAMS >> AUDACITY).

Note: Audacity is available as a free download if you'd like to try it on your laptop. Some tinkering may be required:


Test Headset

Make sure it is recognized by Audacity. Press Record (red circle), and you should see audio waves bouncing up and down. Flat line = not recording sound.


  1. Make sure headset isn't Muted. (See pesky button on USB headset. Blinking = Muted.)
  2. Try a different USB port. Unplug USB, re-connect, and wait 10 seconds to see if it is recognized.
  3. Audacity seems to recognize the headset more reliably if connected prior to launching Audacity. Close Audacity, connect headset, and re-start Audacity.
  4. Check Device Toolbar at top of screen. It should show "Logitech USB Headset" for both input and output (see screenshot).


Set Preferences

At the top left of screen, under Edit > Preferences

>>Devices >> Recording >> Channels >> Set to 1 (Mono) (Default is likely Stereo

>> Quality >> Default Sample format >> set to 16-bit (Default is likely 32 bit float)



Press Red Circle button to Record. Press Pause or Stop to finish. To Delete, highlight and press Delete/Backspace.



At top of screen, choose FILE >> EXPORT AUDIO.

Choose SAVE IN: Desktop

Create a FILE NAME

Choose SAVE AS TYPE: WAV signed 16-bit or AIFF signed 16-bit as format. Add metadata if interested (not required).

Once exported, you can upload file directly to the site, or email it to yourself, etc.


Details for File Upload

You'll be asked the "Recording device model and number" and "Microphone model and number." Use: Logitech ClearChat Comfort USB (Model number: A-00009) for both.



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