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Earlham Libraries Information Literacy: A Legacy of Excellence

Course-integrated instruction for students and faculty.

A Legacy of Excellence

The Earlham Libraries strive to extend a legacy of excellence in instruction, building on the work of decades of dedicated staff and two illustrious leaders. Evan Ira Farber was head librarian from 1962 to 1994, "becoming his profession's most articulate spokesman for college librarianship and bibliographic instruction" (Werking p. v). Thomas G. Kirk, Jr. directed the libraries from 1994 to 2009 and was the ACRL (Association of College and Research Libraries) Academic/Research Librarian of the Year in 2004. Under Kirk's leadership, Earlham won the 2001 Excellence in Academic Libraries college category award for "almost 40 years of excellence in contributions to student learning; in partnering with faculty; and in the transformation of the educational program of Earlham College. Earlham College librarians have made significant contributions to the college, to regional associations, to ACRL and ALA, and to the development of library instruction and information literacy programs across the nation" (ALA News Release).

Recent instruction-related publications and presentations from Earlham librarians include but are not limited to:

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Works Cited 

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