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BIO 360: Conservation Biology: Scientific Paper Presentations



January 16: Submit tentative topic online
February 12: Introduction to Research Project
February 28: Upload bibliography (Moodle)
March 14: Submit paper and Message Box for approval (Moodle)
April 4-April 30: In class presentations

<48 hours after presentation: submit review exercise questions

***If you choose to provide the class with discussion questions or a small assignment, you must email them to me >48 hours prior to your presentation**


Goals of Presentations

  • Explore a topic in which you are passionately interested
  • Relate general concepts from the text to a specific example
  • Critically evaluate scientific articles
  • Lead discussion of a scientific paper

Description of the Assignment
As part of your scientific paper presentations, you will:

  • Create a bibliography of 8 key articles/websites on the topic
  • Select an exciting paper for class discussion
  • Create a Message Box for the discussion paper
  • Post discussion questions (optional)
  • Give a 15-20 minute presentation on your topic
  • Lead a 20-25 minute paper discussion
  • Submit questions for the review exercise

Message Box:

A Message Box is a tool to communicate science in a simple (but not simplistic) manner. You will create a Message Box for the paper you assign to the class as a way to organize your thoughts.


Choosing a paper for class discussion

You will submit a paper of your choice for approval by March 14.

In general, the best papers for class discussion are

•Not too long. 
•High impact/Exciting—both significant and general enough to interest the whole group

Designing an Activity

Leading discussion is an art.  The webpage below has great suggestions for guiding a fruitful discussion and redirecting a discussion that is dragging.

Earlham College • 801 National Road West • Richmond, Indiana 47374-4095