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BIO 226: Biodiversity: Step4-Peer-review

In a nut shell

Draft Website due- March 27
Peer-review Starts-
March 27
Peer-review Ends- April 03

You will submit and give access to your reviewers, TA's and instructors at the latest by March 27. You will then start your own review of other classmates websites. You have until April 03 to finish your review. Good luck!

Evaluating Websites

Evaluating websites and peer-review

Below you have two documents.
1- The first document "Evaluating web resources" , provides you with some guidelines to keep in mind as you are "mining" for information you may use for your organism/group site.
2- Use this link "Peer-review evaluation form", to access the electronic form that you will use to evaluate your friends websites. This information will be emailed to your classmates and your instructors. Failure to submit your evaluation by the respective due date (see box to the left), will result in  50% of grade loss.


  1. You should have already shared the link to your website by using this e-form "Website Information for Peer-review". If not make sure you do so.
  2. Download a copy of the document "evaluating web resources" and use this document information as guidelines to evaluate websites when you are mining for information.
  3. Use the e-form "Peer-review evaluation form" to complete your evaluation for the TWO websites you will be critiquing.
  4. Submit your peer-review evaluation between Mar 27-Apr 03.
  5. Keep an open mind as you receive both of your website critiques

NOTE. Critique your peers work in a way that is constructive and will result in a top notch product. Expect meaningful feedback from your peers. The bottom line is that peer-review and constructive critiques should be embraced and seen as a way of improving on your work. It is not easy to receive critiques however we are confident that you will be very professional about this exercise.


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