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BIO 226: Biodiversity: Step3-Website

In a nut shell

WORK LABMarch 03 &
March 05

You will start working on this section during our Web development Laboratory. Please make sure you have the worksheet from "Step 2-Searching" completed before class.
If you wish to start exploring how to use Google Sites, feel free to download the instructions attached to the next box.

Googlesites webpage:


Image sources

Building your Website

Creating your Website

Creating, thinking, designing and understanding the affordances of websites in today's virtual information age is key. In the sciences websites, electronic databases, and web interfaces are becoming increasingly important. It is often the first place one will go to seek for information. We look for electronic publication, we navigate important scientific databases, we search and access current information about the natural world, and we are constantly evaluating the validity of the resources we find. In this lab you will be contributing to the world community creating a scientifically sound website.


  1. Download a copy of the key document "Using Google Sites"
  2. Start exploring Google Sites and investigate using the different tools (e.g., embedding video, images, tables).
  3. Share the link to your website by using the following e-form: "Website Information for Peer-review". Instructor/TA's will use this information to create Peer-review teams.
  4. Use the evaluation sheet found in "Step 4- Peer-review", to help you think about some aspects of your website that might be important to consider while developing your creative product.

IMPORTANT: As you navigate Google Sites, share, converse and/or ask questions if you are having difficulties or are curious about designing a website.

Additional Resource

Editing an image does not mean you do not need to reference the image. If you do find yourself editing an image make sure you add to your citation or caption the word "Adapted from: "Reference" " and make sure you add the source to your cited work section.

Below is an online image editor that you might find useful for creating images suitable for your website. Other image editing programs like fireworks, irfamview, photoshop, paint, etc would work as well.




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