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BIO 343: Immunology: Haiti Cholera Epidemics Websites


Sources of Information on Cholera in Haiti


Government Sources

National and International Health Organizations

  •  CDC (Centers of Disease Control and Prevention)

2010 Haiti Cholera Outbreak

  • PAHO (Pan American Health Organization)/WHO (World Health Organization)


2010: A Year of Health Challenges in Haiti

Cholera Outbreak in Haiti Blog

Cholera Outbreak and Treatment Center Map

  • WHO (World Health Organization)


Health Action in Crises:  Haiti Earthquake 2010. One Year Later 

Other Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO)

  • Doctors without Borders (Medecinssans Frontieres)

MSF  Report on Haiti: Despite Massive Aid Response, Significant Needs Remain One Year After Quake

Science Publishers and Organizations

  • Nature

Nature News (use search box)

Nature News Archive

Special Report:  Cholera vaccine plan splits experts

  • Science

Science News (use search box)

Traditional News Organizations

  • New York Times

World News: Haiti 

  • BBC

Using search box: Dominican Republic confirms first cholera death

Special Report:  Why is Haiti still suffering

Country Profiles:  Haiti

Social Networking and other web –based search capabilities

  • News searches on browsers

Google:  Cholera news

  • Facebook

Hope for Haiti Now

  • Twitter

PAHOEOC (Pan American Health Organization Emergency Operations Center) on Twitter (look for Cholera Haiti Health Cluster Bulleting)



  • Haiti Government

Crisis Map of Haiti

  • PAHO

Cholera Outbreak and Treatment Center Map

Video Media

Geospatial Revolution (Video)

Cases for epidemics and the use of GIS - view Episode 4. (Click here)

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