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Earlham Buildings: Timeline

Earlham Buildings Timeline

1832: Indiana Friends (Quakers) decide to open a boarding school “for the guarded religious education of the children of Friends.

1833: Indiana Yearly Meeting purchases 320 acres from Zimri Cook. The farmhouse on the property was used until the late 1880s.

1847-1957: (Old) Earlham Hall. Named for the ancestral home of the Gurneys in England.

1861: Observatory. The Observatory, the oldest building still standing, was the first college observatory in Indiana.

1887-1924: Lindley Hall. Named in memory of Samuel H. Lindley, Class of 1874, and Ella M. Lindley. It was destroyed in a fire in 1924.

1890-1961: Gymnasium

1900: Reid Field (Football). Named for Daniel G. Reid.

1907: Bundy Hall. Named in memory of Edwin S. Bundy, Class of 1901.

1907: Carnegie Library. Earlham became one of the few colleges to receive a donation from Andrew Carnegie for a library. He offered $30,000, and the college raised an additional $30,000 to have "the most perfect library possible." 

1907-1954: First Heating Plant.

1920-1954: First Laundry and Shop.

1922: Comstock Field (Hockey). Named for Dean Clara Comstock, class of 1920.

1923: Trueblood Indoor Fieldhouse. Named for Professor Edwin P. Trueblood, Class of 1985.

1927: Carpenter Hall. Named in honor of Walter and Susan Carpenter. It replaced Lindley Hall.

1933: Women's Athletic Lodge.

1935: Van Dyke Field (Baseball).  Named for Professor George D. Van Dyke.

1941-1966: Named in memory of E. Gurney Hill.

1949: Gluys Heating Plant. Named in memory of Marmaduke Gluys, Class of 1875.

1949: Olvey-Andes Residence Hall. Named for the Olvey and Andis Family. The money for the dormitory was donated by Fannie (Olvey) Andis.

1951-1988: Jones House. Named for President Thomas E. Jones, Class of 1912, and his wife, Esther Balderston Jones. 

1952: Dennis Science Hall. Named for Professor David Worth Dennis, Class of 1873. He  was the father of President William C. Dennis. 

1952: Stout Memorial Meeting House. Named in memory of John T. & Adaline McCarrell Stout.

1954: Barrett Residence Hall. Named for Richard Warren Barrett, Class of 1897.

1954: Laundry and Shop.

1957: (New) Earlham Hall, aka EH. 

1957: Riding Stable.

1958: Teague Memorial Library and Study. Named in memory of Pearl Teague, Class of 1895. Professor D. Elton Trueblood's and his first and second wives, Pauline's and Virginia's, ashes are interred in the outer wall of the building (side facing the seminaries).

1963: Lilly Library. Named in honor of Eli and J.K. Lilly.

1963: Hoerner Residence Hall. Named in honor of Richard N. Hoerner, Class of 1920. Contrary to campus legend, the architects did not specialize in prison construction.

1963: College Apartments.

1963. Tyler Hall. The 1907 Carnegie Library was remodeled in 1963 for Social Sciences and named for Leon and Minnie Tyler, Class of 1906. It now houses Admissions, Marketing, Financial Aid, and the Registrar's offices.

1964: Yokefellow House.

1966: Faculty Apartments.

1968: Runyan Center. Named for Bertha L. Runyan.

1992: Lilly Library Addition. 

2015: Center for Science and Technology (CST). It was dedicated in 2015.



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