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Science & Technology Commons (STC): STC Technology

Links and information on policies and procedures relating to the Science & Technology Commons , as well as information about the facilities and its staff

Wildman Technology


Portable Technology

STC has Texas Instruments calculators available for students to use. The ones most commonly checked out (and pictured here) are TI-84s, which are used primarily for statistics and basic algebra. There are seventeen of this type, eleven of which are available for 4-hour checkout and six that may circulate for 24 hours. Also available are two TI-89s, which are used to solve symbolic calculus and linear algebra problems. The TI-89s may be checked out for four hours.

The STC has three iPad Minis that may circulate up to seven days. Before students or faculty members are able to check out an iPad, they must sign an agreement form explaining their rights and responsibilities.

There are two Keyspan presentation remotes available for checkout. These are used to control slide shows without having to physically touch the computer. They may be taken out for a one day loan period.

For faculty only, there is an ELMO document camera that can be used with a computer to project physical documents. The camera may be checked out for four hours at a time and includes all necessary cables.

A network-enabled conference phone is provided for faculty use. The phone circulates for one day, and includes all cables necessary to make a conference call.

Faculty may check out a set of thirty iClicker+ devices. Also included in the case is the single large receiver (pictured), two blue instructor clickers, and all cables needed for normal use. The case of clickers may be checked out for four hours at a time.

Constrained to STC Walls

The MacBook Pro computers are among the most commonly circulated items in the STC collection. The cart of thirty computers can be reserved for a class, or a smaller number if fewer are needed. When the laptops are not reserved for a class, they may be checked out by students and faculty for up to six hours. Before students or faculty members check out the laptops, they must sign a form describing their rights and responsibilities. Only when a professor takes them for a class may the computers leave the STC area.

As many students enjoy listening to music while they work or relax in te STC, there are seven sets of headphones that may be checked out for four hours at a time.

There are three laser printers in the library. The computers are unable to directly print to these printers. Instead, everything is sent through the centralized Earlham print server, which allows students and faculty members to print to these printers from anywhere on campus. It should be noted that these printers do not support color.

Another type of printer that resides in STC is the large plotter, also known as our poster printer. With a 42" wide paper roll, this printer is used to print nearly all of the posters that are presented during the annual undergraduate research poster conference.

This may look like an ordinary whiteboard, but in fact it is an interactive display known as a Smart Board. A computer is used to project onto the display, and a special pen is used to control the computer from the board. Regular whiteboard markers can also be used, of course, but these do not allow for control of the projecting computer.

There are three digital signage systems on the main level that are used to display information about the library and upcoming science news and events.

Study Spaces, Teaching Spaces, and Labs

The Science Colloquium/Shared Classroom space (CST 103) has three projection screens, a document camera, microphone, and the capability of recording lectures. The tables can be moved easily on rollers, and 48 students can fit in this room. Across this room is the science commons circulation help desk, where faculty and students have access up to 60 laptop computers if they prefer to engage their students in activities requiring this system.

The Fishgold Computer Lab (CST 303) is a technology-enhanced active learning environment. It is sister to the DLA lab in Lilly Library. It has space for 36 students, and is equipped with 5 projectors (one for each table) and 36 mac laptops. All walls are writable except for a couple close to the doors. Special materials for active learning can be found in the cabinet along with extra computer chargers and headphones. Cabinet access and laptop access is only available to faculty.

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