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Facilities and Services: InterLibrary Loan (ILL)

ILL Office Hours

Office hours for ILL are:

M-Th 9am-12pm & 1:30-5pm
F 1-5pm.

The ILL window is located to the right of the Circulation desk in Lilly Library; when staff are available, the window is open.

Using ILLiad

To log into ILLiad, follow the link below to and log in with your Earlham email (Zimbra) username and password.

If you have never used ILLiad before, you will be prompted to register. This is a one-time process that will take about a minute. Once you have given ILLiad your contact information and patron status, this will be stored in ILLiad for future use.

Once you are logged in, you will see navigation menus on the left side of your screen. Use the buttons provided to create a new request (click on the type of item you wish to request), view different aspects of your account (request renewals, check request status, retrieve articles delivered electronically), and update personal information.

If you have questions, please see a reference librarian or ILL staff member for assistance.

How do I ask for items?

To submit an ILL request, you can use ILL (Interlibrary Loan) request button available in:


you can log into ILLiad and create a new request. 

NEW ILL software!

The Earlham Libraries are excited to offer ILLiad, our new online system for managing ILL requests, to the campus community!

ILLiad offers several major changes to the way users interact with ILL. With ILLiad, users can perform the following tasks online:

  • View the status of their ILL reqeusts
  • Request renwals for items
  • Receive electronic articles
  • View request history and make changes to requests

Once users have filled out the registration form (a one-time task), ILLiad will remember your contact information for future requests.

Interlibrary Loan (ILL)

Interlibrary Loan (ILL)

Policies and FAQ

What is Interlibrary Loan (ILL)?

Is ILL different for ESR / Bethany remote students?

What is the difference between ILL and Document Delivery?

How many ILL items can I request?

Hard to get items and materials that cannot be requested

What happens when my ILL items arrive?

How long does ILL take?

How long can I keep ILL materials?

Can I renew ILL materials?

What happens when ILL items are overdue, lost, or damaged?


What is Interlibrary Loan (ILL)?

helps Earlham, ESR, and Bethany community members gain access to materials owned by other libraries that are not otherwise held on campus. ILL service is provided free of charge to all students, faculty and staff of Earlham, Bethany, and ESR, as long as materials are returned on time and in the condition they were received. Library patrons not currently enrolled or employed at the College, ESR, or Bethany are not eligible to use Earlham’s ILL services.


Is ILL different for ESR / Bethany remote students?

Remote students are welcome to request articles from other libraries through ILL. When these arrive at Earlham, they will be delivered electronically to the student’s ILLiad account or to their email address. Although we cannot deliver other libraries’ books and media (such as DVDs) to Access and Connections students’ homes, we are happy to send books from Earlham's own library collections through Document Delivery. Please see the following section of this document for more information about Document Delivery for remote students.

Additional information on can be found at Please contact Jane Pinzino,, if you have questions about library services for remote students.


What is the difference between ILL and Document Delivery?

Document Delivery provides access to materials that are part of Earlham’s collection, whereas ILL is for materials that must be obtained from other libraries. Remote students submit requests for Earlham materials in the same manner as requests for regular ILL materials, via the ILLiad interface. For more information about Document Delivery services for remote students, please visit Earlham’s Document Delivery web page at, or contact Jane Pinzino,

 How many ILL items can I request?

You may have up to 15 active requests at any one time.

Once a book request has been placed, it remains active until it is returned to the lending library.

An article request remains active until the article has been received by you.

If you know in advance that you will require more than 15 items at one time, please consult a librarian, who will be happy to help you explore other options.


Hard to get items and materials that cannot be requested

Placing a request does not guarantee that an item can be obtained. Several factors, such as the policies of the lending library, the rareness of an item, and copyright restrictions can prevent us from fulfilling a request.

The items most difficult to obtain are:

·         Theses and dissertations

·         Videos and audio recordings

·         Reference books

·         Newly-published books

·         Rare items held by only a few libraries

·         Archival or genealogy materials

·         Newspaper articles

The following material may not be requested:

·         Duplicates of materials available* in Earlham College Libraries

·         Assigned course materials such as textbooks, reading lists, and reserve items

·         Computer software

·         E-books

* If Earlham’s copy of an item is lost or missing, it may be possible to request the item through ILL.

If the item you want belongs to one of these categories, please consult a librarian


What happens when my ILL materials arrive?

You will be notified by email when your ILL materials arrive. Books should be picked up at the Lilly Library circulation desk or the ILL window. If an article you requested is not attached to the notification email you receive, you can retrieve it online by logging into your ILLiad account and selecting Electronically Received Articles from the menu on the left.


How long does ILL take?

Books typically take longer to arrive than articles. ILL requests for books can often be filled within 3-5 business days, but can sometimes take as long as 2-3 weeks. Article delivery is typically much faster, 1-3 business days, but please allow 1-2 weeks for hard to find articles.

The library staff attempts to fill all requests as quickly as possible. The time needed to fill a request depends upon several factors, including the difficulty of the request, the location and policy of the lending library, and the volume of requests to be processed.

ILL is typically slower during certain times of the academic year, including breaks, mid-terms, and final exams. Please take this factor into account when planning for research projects.

See the Notices section, below, for information about book arrival notices and article delivery.

Log into ILLiad to view the status of ILL requests. If you do not have an ILLiad account, you can create one by visiting and logging in with your Zimbra username and password. First time users will be asked to register. If you need assistance registering for an account, please see a Library staff member. If you have additional questions about the status of an ILL request, please contact Joe Augustin by email,, or stop by the ILL office in Lilly Library.

Office hours for ILL are M-Th 9am-12:00pm & 1:30-5pm, and F 1-5pm.


How long can I keep ILL materials?

The circulation time for books and other items is dependent upon the policy of the lending library, but typically ranges from 4-6 weeks. Articles are delivered electronically and may be kept.

Some items may be loaned with additional restrictions, such as for use inside the library only, or without the option of renewal. Please see the Renewals section, below, for more information about renewals.

If you know in advance that you will require materials for a period longer than 4-6 weeks, please consult with a librarian.


Can I renew ILL materials?

Approval for renewal depends upon the policy of the library that owns the item. We cannot renew ILL items without the other library’s permission.

Renewal requests should be submitted at least three days before the item is due. This will give you a chance to return an item on time, even in the event that the lender is unwilling to renew it. ILL staff sends due date reminder emails three days prior to the due date.  

If you will still need an item after its due date, and the item cannot be renewed, it is sometimes possible to obtain the item again, from a different library.

Log into ILLiad to request renewal of items borrowed through ILL. Renewal requests can also be submitted by email to, or by visiting the ILL office in Lilly Library.


What happens when ILL items are overdue, lost, or damaged?

These policies apply equally to all faculty, staff, and students of Earlham, Bethany, and ESR.

ILL is a process that depends on reciprocity. It is very important for Earlham to return ILL materials on time to the institutions that have shared them with us. All libraries reserve the right to deny ILL privileges to institutions that do not return materials on time and in good condition.

Please pay close attention to the due dates printed on your ILL items. You can also view any active due dates by logging into ILLiad. As stated above, loan periods often vary from one item to the next and not all ILL items are eligible for renewal. Please see the relevant section above for more information. Due date reminder emails are sent three days prior to the due date, followed by additional notification emails for items not returned on time. 

Earlham fines patrons with overdue ILL items at the rate of $1.00 per day, beginning the day after the due date and continuing until the item is returned to the ILL office. Patrons whose ILL books are lost or damaged will be responsible for the payment of replacement costs, repair costs, and any related fees that may be charged by the lending library.

Patrons who have not picked up their ILL materials, or who have repeatedly returned items late, may be denied further Interlibrary Loan privileges.

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