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HIST 240 History of Mexico: Comic Life

What's Wrong With This (Lack of) Picture? Textual Notes on Using Comic Life

Using Comic Life involves a series of steps. Here's an overview of workflow, with tips to make your task easier.

  • Find Comic Life on a Public Computer at Earlham

    • Tip: Start menu >> Programs >> plasq >> Comic Life
  • Choose a Template and work with panels

    • Tip: You cannot change templates if your page already has content on it.
    • Tip: You can delete any panel from a template (click on it and press the delete key).
    • Tip: You can add panels to a template (select "drag a panel" from the resource area, screen right).
    • Tip: You can modify the style of any panel (click on it and select "style" pull-down menu near top of screen).
    • Tip: You can lock any panel so it won't move (click on it and select "details" from the resource area, screen right, then select "lock")
  • Choose your images and drop each one on to a panel

    • Tip: When an image is dropped on a panel it is attached to the background of the panel. As a result, when the panel is moved the image moves with it. To modify the image (but not the panel), double-click on the panel and the image becomes editable.
    • Tip: You can modify the style of any image (click on it -- be sure not to select the panel, though, see previous tip -- and select "style" pull-down menu near top of screen).
    • Tip:  Images.html You can add multiple images into a single panel (hold down the 'Alt' key when dragging an image into a panel). You can then adjust each image by double-clicking on a panel and single-clicking to select the image you want to adjust.
  • Add balloons and captions to a panel

    • Tip: You can add another balloon to an existing balloon (get another balloon and drop it on a balloon that needs it).
    • Tip: You can add more tails to a balloon (click on the "+" button attached to the tail of each balloon and move the tails as necessary).
  • Work with pages

    • Tip: You can add another page to your comic (Page >> New page from template). 
    • Tip: You can adjust the order of your pages by dragging them around the page organizer, screen left.
  • Publish your comic (save, export, print)

    • Tip: It might take a while to print, especially if you're using high-resolution images.
    • Tip: File >> Export >> Export to Image(s) allows you to save your comic book as a JPEG image that you can then send to people.
    • Tip: Mac users can export to PDF.
  • Get Help

    • Tip: Help >> Comic Life Help

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